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Vienna, Austria
Communication Designer
currently working as communication designer at buero bauer, Vienna, A
2010 — 2013 Art director at Tessloff Verlag, Nuremberg, D
2007 internship at kokoro & moi, Helsinki, FI
2004 — 2009 Studies at University of Applied Sciences Würzburg, D
Art Direction for WAS IST WAS ebooks. Since 1961 the cult brand WAS IST WAS has explained more than 100 interesting topics to children in over 70 countries using any kind of available media format. Recently Tessloff released the latest product of its most popular publication: WAS IST WAS ebooks. Editors, designers and developers worked closely together to create an experience that is still related to the core brand values but also makes use of the new opportunities this exciting medium offers. It was very important for the team to make the result easy and fun to use, to ensure clarity and to create an atmosphere that drags the reader into the subject.
2012 – at Tessloff Verlag
Temporary website for the Picasso exhibition at Lindau Stadtmuseum in summer 2011 (curated by Prof. Dr. Roland Doschka). In honor of Pablo Picasso's 130th birthday, the Lindau Stadtmuseum presented a selection of approximately 40 original drawings by the ingenius artist during the summer of 2011. We created an easy-to-use one page website that picks up the exhibition's colour scheme, motive and design.
2011 – for Stadtmuseum Lindau – with Georg Reil
Art Direction for the relaunch of "FiT für die Schule", a successful brand for premium learning material. To touch with the kids' needs the books are smart written by elementary teachers and illustrated by famous children's book illustrator Guido Wandrey. A cheerful look and better accessibility was achieved, using shades of blue instead of black color for text and grids, putting emphasis on well designed explanations and clarity, and making use of generous white space. The design process for every product focused in particular on the specific requirements of the target group. For instance, pre-school books having icons instead of task numbers, specific typography for dictation, or larger characters for first-time readers.
2011 – at Tessloff Verlag
Poster announcing the annual tradition of german boy scouts to bring children sweets in disguise of St. Nicholas. The ambigous motive combines the date (6th of December, St. Nicholas Day), the abstract silhouette of St. Nicholas in his red coat and the famous children drawing game "Das ist das Haus des Ni-ko-laus". The well-known rhythm of the eight syllables is taken as a reference for the motto "Ruf Ni-ko-laus zu dir nach Haus".
2011 – for St. Wolfgang Regensburg
The arrangement includes six exceptional exhibits from the world of sounds and acoustics. At first sight looking trivial, each object incorporates a very unique ability. The magical character of each object is accompanied with a little story, almost completely concealing the existence of technical components such as speakers or sensors. Only small connection ports and the uniform black finishing point to their unusual abilities. In form and functionality all these exhibits pursue John Maedas Simplicity. They are enjoying to use, they are surprising and one wants to explore and investigate them. Watch the video!
2011 – with Georg Reil
Usually calendars remind you of dental appointments, but not about the day you lost your first tooth. They help you remember to call a good friend, whereas the conversations stretching until dawn are forgotten too easily.
The pocket-sized diary is all about the special days of 2010 – but not without some subtle twists and extras. Every day it offers you empty lines to record your memorable moments. As a start, we already added public ones like the "Towel day", "Pi Day" or "Red Hand Day", only to name 3 out of almost 300. The diary includes space for your New Year's resolution, for writing down how you will keep 2010 in mind, and a number of blank pages to note everything else you shouldn't forget.
Self-publishing – limited edition of 150 copies
2009 – with Monika Schnitzbauer
"On December 13, 2008 I brought back the colour green for 23 minutes. I collected all the plants from our house and put them on the terrace to fight upcoming winter depression."
A book questioning the relationship to our everyday surroundings. It contemplates, intervenes, tries to reclaim life – because it's the environment that makes us what we are. An ode to the richness of ordinariness.
Corporate Design for finish high-fashion label "Lustwear". Hammi and Maikku Mettinen founded Lustwear in 2000 and have attracted international attention since then. Lustwear is known for relish style and simple prints.
2008 – at kokoro & moi
2008 – at kokoro & moi
Installation visualizing the song Starálfur by the icelandic post-rock band Sigur Rós. Four big pieces of paper floating smoothly in the air show a minimalistic composition out of the lyrics, papercuts and pencilled lines. As soon as there is any kind of light behind the artwork it comes alive.
2007 – exhibited at the semi-annual show of the Faculty of Design, University of Applied Sciences Würzburg
Poster for a Débussy concert performed by the students of the Würzburg University of Music, directed by András Hamary. A visual interpretation of Débussy's Préludes.
2007 – for University of Music Würzburg
Installation for the group exhibition "Culture of data saving". Aware of the overwhelming urge of saving data nowadays, we wanted to examine the dark side of this development. Without the process of erasing, information that becomes unimportant would grow ad infinitum. The words "Gracious oblivion" ("Gnädiges Vergessen") are created out of a huge amount labelled post-it notes. The post-it note itself is used as a symbol of high priority information that quickly loses relevance. Although being an analog everyday object it holds a digital connotation by its pixel-like shape.
2007 – for Kulturspeicher Würzburg  – with Monika Schnitzbauer
Every year the German Post prints a limited amount of special edition stamps. For that purpose designers and illustrators are asked to submit proposals that deal with given topics. In 2007 these topics were - amongst others - scouts and christmas. Once fallen in love with those tiny little posters we couldn't stop designing and continued to create a bunch of additional off-topic stamps we suggested to the German Post as well.
2007 – for Deutsche Post  – with Monika Schnitzbauer
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